Creative Resume


Director/Producer/Cinematographer: Life Sentences, 2014. 
Additional Photography: Fixing the System. VICE/HBO Special Report, September 2015.
Cinematographer: Broadway Dreams, 2015. 
Cinematographer: Wildlife in Peril, 2015. 
Director/Cinematographer: Why I Swim, 2015-16.
Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Unidos Si Se Puede (United Yes We Can), 2011.
B-camera: Extreme Treks: Mt. Kilimanjaro and Extreme Treks: Morocco, Atlas Mountains, Outside Television series, 2016, in progress.


Director/Cinematographer: Rinse Inc. Reclaim Laundry Day Commercial Campaign, 2015.
Director/Cinematographer: Bose - Music is My DNA, 2015
Cinematographer: Alchemy Perfume, 2012
Steadicam Operator: Ecovent, 2015
Steadicam Operator: Man Enough (PSA), 2015


Cinematographer: Brendan Maclean - The Feeling Again (Official Video), 2015.
Cinematographer: The Wild Honey Pie – Buzzsessions with Dr. Dog (Live Music Video), 2015.
Co-director and cinematographer: Brooke Forman - Lioness (Official Music Video), 2015.
Cinematographer: Live from Gramercy Park. 
Camera Operator, Steadicam Operator: On the Mountain
Cinematographer: The Wild Honey Pie – Buzzsessions with Vetiver (Live Music Video), 2015.
Cinematographer: The Wild Honey Pie – Buzzsessions with San Fermin (Live Music Video), 2015.
Steadicam Operator: Castle - Halsey (Whitney Woerz Cover), 2015
Steadicam Operator: Jet Black Heart - 5 Seconds of Summer (Whitney Woerz Cover), 2015
Steadicam Operator: Wild - Troye Sivan (Whitney Woerz Cover), 2015
Steadicam Operator: Chasing - Amy Leon, 2015


Cinematographer: Andres, 2015.
Cinematographer: Glass House, 2015. 
Cinematographer: Paper Animals, 2014.
Steadicam Operator: The Sonnet Project - Sonnet 108, 2015


Director/Cinematographer: Madboots Dance (Sad Boys), 2015
Madboots Dance, 2013